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5 secrets to keeping your man faithful

When a man no longer feels like a priority in his partner's life, he may cheat because he seeks someone who will place them at the center of their existence. Every woman wants to be in a happy relationship. Here are some suggestions for making your relationship completely affair-proof.

Ensure he nurtures meaningful friendships

True, you can't offer a man everything he wants. Football and video games, for example, are unlikely to pique your interest in the man in your life. Because you may be unable to accompany him to these events, it is critical that he develops friendships with other men with whom he can watch football and play computer games. As a result, he's less prone to wander.

Never stop dating

People tend to become accustomed to each other after a period of time together. You get married, have children, and suddenly you don't have time for each other. Set aside at least one night a week to spend just the two of you if you want to keep mpango wa kando at bay. If you have children, having someone else babysit them so you don't have to worry about them. Make sure you're dressed appropriately, just like you were when you first started going out. This will provide a marriage with some very tangible benefits.

Make friends with happy couples

You are more influenced by your pals than you realize. He'll be more inclined to sleep around if he's hanging out with a bunch of single males or guys who don't take commitment seriously. If the two of you hang out with happily married couples, however, the chances of anyone straying are considerably lowered.

Let him have some alone time

A man's personal time should be respected. If he feels his independence is being curtailed when he is with you, he may have an affair. You should never monopolize his time or appear to be in charge. Allow him to have a men night out and pursue his interests without interfering.

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