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Men, Here Are 3 Things You Should Know If You Always Fall Asleep After Mating

Have you ever wondered why many men fall asleep after mating? Feeling sleepy or falling asleep after patient intercourse is completely natural and is not responsible for any disease or health problem. 

In order to understand why you sleep after a couple you should know that pairing works in the human body first. So here are three things you should know if you always go to sleep with your partner after a pairing. 

1. Of course why you feel sleepy after a couple

According to living science, when a person ejaculates, they release certain brain chemicals, including oxytocin, stress hormone, vasopressin, sleep-related hormone, and prolactin. Prolactin is a hormone that influences sleep and is also related to the satisfaction feeling after ejaculation. The degree of prolactin released by the brain can also determine how long a person will remain (for those who are strong and healthy enough). Men with higher prolactin levels are more likely to sleep after their pain. 

Prolactin, vasopressin and oxytocin release are likely to cause you to feel sleepy or fall asleep after ejaculation. 

2. The reaction of your body to certain factors/circumstances 

Some factors also determine why and when to go to sleep after the couple. A man in his bedroom's comfort is more likely to get asleep when he's coupled than a man who has been hidden in public places at a quick session, suppose a public toilet or a dark corner around the bush. 

Your body knows when you are in a place that doesn't feel comfortable sleeping and it can contribute to the sleep after a pairing session. 

Sometimes your feelings and connection to your partner can help you sleep after you have been matured. You are more likely to get dormant when you match out of love than when you match for fun, fun, or try to prove yourself. 

3. Tips to help you wake up after you ejaculate

You can follow these tips to avoid sleeping after ejaculation. 

• Sleep well before pairing • 

After a couple you are less likely to fall asleep if you just had a good sleep before your matching. Good sleep may not prevent you sleep after you have been sleepy, but it may stop you sleeping after you have been slept. 

• Avoid pairing styles which will quickly exhaust you 

Mating can be comparable to an exercise and requires energy (which contributes to why men feel sleepy after mating). Some styles would certainly stress you and drain your energy more quickly. You should avoid styles that would drain you quickly if you do not want to go asleep after you have ejaculated. 

• Keep the lights on and off the bed immediately after a pairing session may also help you not to fall asleep after your pairing.

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