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Top ten signs that your man is cheating.

Want to know if you man is taking you for a ride ? Well read the signs below.

10. Phone

When your man spends more time on his phone , that's a clear red flag that he is busy checking other women out on social media and busy flirting with them. It seems he wants to slide into the dms and more than that . So next time you find your man spending more time than usual on his phone it's evident he is cheating!

9. Loss of concentration

The moment he starts not paying attention to you and the relationship it's clear that it is not work related stress or any other type of stress but a clear indication that his focus has been shifted elsewhere , in this case at another woman. 

When he starts forgetting your anniversary , Valentine's day and simply a kiss before he leaves , it's clear he is no longer focused on you but rather on someone else.

8. " Anger and aggression"

This one is a no brainer. When a man suddenly becomes defensive when you ask him simple questions like for example his whereabouts and he gets aggravated over such a question , it's clear that he is hiding something .

It's logical we all do it when are hiding something we become angry when asked simple questions and sometimes we become aggressive inorder to protect ourselves and the truth from coming out .

The moment your man starts displaying emotions of anger of stuff that doesn't require one to react aggressively just know that there is someone on his mind and the guilt got him all fired up and red faced.  

7. A quick shower immediately after work.

Do not be fooled ! It's not that he is a clean freak or the sweat is getting to him , l am a man and l know exactly what l am talking about , we don't rush straight to the shower immediately after a long day's work , we just want to lay down a bit before that.

Now in a case where your man rushes to the bathroom before hugging you ,it's clear that he wants to get rid of the other woman or women's cologne on him and obviously the stench of the mischief he got up to before coming home that way he knows that immediately after a shower he simply eats and goes to bed avoiding a conversation that might let the truth out with you.

6. Refusing to eat at home.

When a man starts avoiding your food ladies it's not because you are not a good cook , no! It's simply because he had already eaten at his mistress' place. Men love to eat a home cooked meal , so the moment your man turns down your plate just know he ate somewhere else and it's probably going to be a long until he starts eating your food again .

5. Not showing any facial emotions.

Well the oldest trick in the book to avoid confrontation when your conscience is battling with you after you have done something wrong is simply putting on a poker face . That way it's hard for people to see through you. In this case ladies it's hard to for you to see through the lies and deceit.

4. Lack of intimacy.

The moment he stops touching you , kissing you and craving you sexually it's clear that he is now doing those things to someone else. So next time you iniatiate when in bed and he refuses or says he is tired and moves away don't feel bad there is nothing wrong with you , he is sleeping with other people . 

3. Excuses.

When a man makes excuses for not showing up to your dinner date . An excuse for not doing this and that for you and the relationship that is a clear sign of cheating.

2. Constantly out with friends

When he starts spending way too much time out with friends , he is not only neglecting you and the relationship he is also neglecting the family.

There is something else going on at these 'outings' with friends , there is a someone that has sparked his interest and with that someone they are doing more than getting to know each other if you know what l mean , this move is so addictive it makes it hard for him to stay at home with you and the kids.

1. Silence

The moment your man starts talking less than he used to . Starts keeping quiet when watching TV together , at the dinner table and in bed it's clear , he is absent minded . He is busy day dreaming about the other woman thus the silence.

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