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Husband and wife relationship

Woman turns cripple after snatching someone’s husband

According to multiple sources which I will link below, woman turned cripple after snatching someones husband.

The classic situation were husband falls in love with another woman, then decide to leave his wife for the other woman, on this story does have a happy ending. The reason why the story does have a happy ending is because the side chick get cripple before the wedding, she is unable to use her legs.

The story goes like this a man cheated on his wife with another woman, then the man decided to divorce his wife and Marry his side chick.

A man messed with the wrong woman when she decided to snatch her husband, the woman alleged cursed the husband snatcher after she found out that she was 5 months pregnant.

The side chick biggest mistake was accepting another woman's husband proposal knowing very well that he had a wife.

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