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Would you forgive your Boyfriend who impregnated another girl and this?




Ladies would you take back your boyfriend who impregnated another girl who is your closet friend or relative?

The world that we are living in today is very much fast and advanced unlike back in 80s. Reason being, technology has made it easy for us to get things that are far while sitting at home.

For instance, it is very simple to find your soulmate or someone you feel like flirting with them on social media such as twitter, facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Most of the people are falling in love with the wrong people they meet online and most of those people are cheating on their partners through platforms.

How would you feel after finding out that your girlfriend or boyfriend has been seeing your very own uncle, or your own partner?

After finding out that she is pregnant and you are not meant to be responsible for that doings but she comes back looking for forgiveness.

What would you literally say to her?

After finding out that your boyfriend has been sleeping with your own sister, then she becomes pregnant. What must happen?

It's just water inside oil, there is no way it's going to be simple to get the solution to the situation.

A lot of ladies are short tempered and hates being cheated on, same applies to men as we all have mutual feelings but different organs.


It is better to stay away from starting another family while you have a family at home or at your house, why do you have to cheat on your partner if you love them? Rather tell them to move on instead of wasting their time.

What do you think about such situation and what would you do if you find yourself in one?

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