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5 Things Women Hide From Men, Number 4 Will Sh0ck You

Ever wondered if girls keep secrets from men? Yes, they do. They are very good at that, especially if the thing is very important to them. There are some secrets that women hide from men.

As a man, you have to understand that is not everything that a woman will tell you. There are some things they decide to keep private, probably because of their good.

However, here are 5 secrets women hide from men:

1. Feelings

As a man, letting your feelings out about a lady may be very easy for you, but for women it isn't. Most women if they have feelings for a man, they usually keep it confidential. The only time they can let it out is when the feelings overpower them, and they can't help but tell the man how they feel about him.

2. Pass relationship 

Most women prefer to keep their past relationship a secret, especially what they did with their ex-lover. They do so sometimes because some of them believe that if they speak about their past relationship, the new lover or husband will leave them, so they keep everything in private. Sometimes they keep their past relationship a secret because they want to avoid unnecessary questions.

3. When Their Period Starts

This may shock you, but, yes, some women don't disclose when their period starts. Most girls keep it private, but some who love their boyfriend or husband do tell them that their period has started.

4. Age

Yes, age, some women do hide their real age from men. Some do it because they feel insecure that if they disclose their real age, men will disrespect them, especially when they are less than 18 years old. Some men tend to disrespect girls who are less than 18 years old, they consider them small girls.

5. Close male friends 

You may think all the guys you see around your girlfriend are all the male friends she has. Don't get wrong, some girls prefer keeping their close male friends a secret from their boyfriend. Most girls don't like their lovers to know about their other male friends, know this from today. 

As a man, don't always expect a woman to tell you everything. Sometimes they are shy to talk about what is wrong with them. Don't be offended if your girlfriend or wife dosn't tell you everything.

What can you say about the listed secrets above? Answer in the comment section and have a great day. 🥰

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