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Foreign national explain why they give Women money without complaining about it


Our women love money to such an extent that they would do anything for it. That time all they will do is buy expensive clothing or go out with their friends. A young Congolese man shared a video on social media explaining exactly why they feel no pain when giving women money here in South Africa.

He stated that in their countries women are not easy, when a man want to share blankets even her girlfriend does accept without marriage. Here women are given a lot of money because men from other countries feel that they are buying them that is whey at the end majority are not married by them. " We do not do as we please in our countries, women there respect themselves" man explained.

Our sisters back home fear being exposed with wrong things. Majority are still sticking to the rules older people have taught them. I fear for South African men because their women are easily tempted by the money more than getting a respecting man. We give them the money to recruit them into the business without them noticing anything.

This video was shared on Twitter to watch it fully follow the link above and share the article.

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