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VIDEO: DJ Sphetecula reveals his dating preference and people on Twitter were left in disbelief

Andile Ncube discusses his dating habits. Andile revealed how when he was young, he thought he would not date someone who was having a child, and when he got older, he discovered that he was wrong about it. Now it is a different story and life occurrences that do not still match his preference.


He also revealed how he does not date other people and he is very specific with a compliment. He is about to date someone who is of a different skin complexion than his, and some people may feel bad about it, but that is how he made it clear. He is not the same person with it and so many of them.

Dating is very complex at some point because people will want a certain personality and look in a person. But then some people get confused when they meet someone who is financially resourced but does not have the looks and personality they are looking for in a partner. Sometimes it will go well and sometimes it will not go well for you.


Andile also made it clear that it is sometimes not about how a person looks but how a person acts, and the persona of that person is the important personality. It would not work if you are very different and like different things because you will always be different in many ways. But one thing many people have come to terms with is a person who is consuming alcoholic beverages.


It is important to be happy with your partner and be able to live the kind of lifestyle you want. It will become very bad when someone wants you to have a different lifestyle, and that will take you to not having a happy life. Being happy starts when you walk out of the house to document your lifestyle as you want it, but not how someone else wants it.

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