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She Posted This Picture To Show Off Her Engagement Ring But People Noticed Something Else.

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 Today, many of us like to post photos online to showcase our victories and achievements. However, one thing we don’t know when we post our accomplishments is that not everyone is happy for us because some people don’t want for good things for others. Just like they want them to move on and thrive in life.

 Because some people may not be happy to see others progress in life, therefore, this is why we need to make sure that we post the best photos of ourselves on social media, especially if we celebrate our accomplishments. However, this is not the reason when he posts about his jealousy.

 Photo credit: Instagram

 The woman even posted a long message explaining how things led to her participation but it was, however, not the only thing that people focused on as they also focused on her nails. People noticed how the photo of her nails was and afterwards left many comments on what they thought about the lady’s nails.

 Photo credit: Instagram

 Here are some of the comments left on the lady’s post:

 Her acrylic nails seem to be given growing but what is interesting about growing her nails is that she only has nails on specific nails and not all of her nails. This is why some people think that maybe it’s not those acrylic nails but we are the clip-on nails that you put on the nail glue. They also thought that maybe he didn’t stick it on the right so they sat on the edge of his natural nails and not the beginning of it.

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