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Divorce Affair

Money And Your Marriage, Money can be a Major Source Of Conflict In Your Marriage

Money and Your Marriage. Money can be a major source of conflict in your marriage. Statistics reveal that most divorces are caused by money-related problems. One spouse should not make all important financial decisions in the home regardless of who earns the most money.

Sit down and discuss family finances together. Set family financial goals together. Create a family financial plan together. Set a family budget that aligns with your family's financial goals and financial plans. Be disciplined and stick to it. Failing to make family financial plans is planning to fail your family and ruin your marriage. A family without a financial plan is like a sailor without a compass - the consequences are predictable.

It is not too late to do what is right. Regardless of the number of years you have lived without a plan and a budget, you can make today the beginning of a new day for your marriage. Pray together, openly disclose your incomes, pool your money together, and step by step, begin to chart a new course towards a happier future for your marriage. What you do separately will separate you.

Well, I may not make money but I run the money. I handle it and control it and manages it. 

It is important to talk and discuss budget but it is wise to let one person handle it. So this way, we don't mistaken one thinking they paid the bill but didn't. Or that they didn't and double payment to one thing. 

So it is best to let one person control budget. I've always done well with budgeting that I have taken over for years. 

My first ex, he blows the money away left and right .. then and there I decided to control it. And basically stuck with me since.

I believe in it all as spoken. However my marriage is a different kind of marriage one I feel myself lost in sometimes concerning this. What do you do when you and your spouse are totally on different ends of the spectrum. Also have different thoughts about tithing.

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