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After my husband died, a thief entered my room and left me a strange piece of paper.a story

 The story began when my mother died when I was a small child at the age of seven, and after my mother's death my father remarried, and he began to suffer greatly in my life with my father's wife.

 The days passed on this approach without change until I reached the age of twenty, and like any girl at this age, I dreamed of marrying the knight of dreams who would make me his princess in his palace.

 But what happened in reality was completely different from my dreams, as my father agreed to my marriage to a man who was ten years older than me, and he was working abroad and a recent return from travelling, and my dreams collided with the difficult reality, and I tried a lot to refuse this marriage, but I did not find anyone to support me in This matter .

 There was no solution but marriage, and coexistence with this matter, and indeed I married this man, and my marital life began in sadness, pain and breakage.

 But my husband was a very kind and affectionate person, and he loved me a lot and tried to make me happy as much as possible, despite my lack of love for him and my lack of desire for this marriage, but he always dealt with me well, and he never failed me in anything.

Days passed in my attempt to forget dreams, accept life and reality, and it was the beginning of change, when I learned that I was pregnant, I felt at that moment that life became real and there was no escape from it.

 Days passed and I gave birth to a beautiful girl who was very similar to me in my childhood, but I wished for her a better future than me, and I always sought, from the moment she was born, to be a person of great importance and a good future.

 But life brought us many surprises, as only five months after giving birth, my husband suffered a major health crisis, and as a result he was hospitalized for ten days, which ended with his death!!

 His death was a fatal shock, and it had a sad impact on the life of me and his daughter, especially since it was everything in life, and I did not know how to manage my life after his departure.

 Therefore, the days were going by very difficult, and one day I went to buy some needs from abroad, and after returning home, I entered my bedroom, and found a sheet of paper on the bed, its shape somewhat strange!!

 I took the paper and opened it to try to understand its contents, but I did not understand anything at all, and the words were incomprehensible.

 So I didn't care much, and ignored the topic, but the next day, I found another sheet on the bed!!

 Mystery began to revolve around this matter, and it was strange that I did not understand anything from the paper, but it caught my attention that there is at the end of the paper my full name, and my daughter's name!!

 Two days later, I found another sheet on the bed, and it was written that there is a disaster waiting for me if I don't leave the house!!

 And at that moment fear and anxiety began to dominate my mind, especially since that same night I heard some voices around one of the windows in the house, and it seemed that I was being robbed.

 So I took the papers and told the police the whole story, and the investigation began about the person who enters my house to find out what the purpose of these papers is!!

 After three days, a neighbor was arrested, and I knew that he was the thief who entered the house, and the purpose of this ploy was to make me afraid and leave the house to buy it at the lowest price, especially that he knows that I am alone and I have no one standing next to me, so he was planning to continue In this trick until I migrate from home.

 But his plan failed in the beginning when he was arrested, and he confessed everything in the investigation.

Content created and supplied by: Mohamedmahfoz90 (via Opera News )


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