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7 things you do in bed that women actually hate

Here's the thing about having séx with a woman: you can't be a hundred percent sure if you did a good job of it. Did she orgasm or was she just moaning every now and then to protect your delicate ego? Regardless of whether or not she came in the end, chances are you might have done something she didn't particularly like while leading up to it. While there are many things that may not go down well with your woman's personal séxual preferences, there are a few general no-nos that you should definitely throw out of the bedroom.


 For your benefit, we've compiled a list of the things that your girl really wants you to stop doing to her, regardless of whether or not she has said it to your face.


 1. Using her closet as a DJ console A


 woman's clit is a delicate body part that deserves to be treated with love and respect (and a bit of tongue action). If you have been terrorizing the region with your ignorant enthusiasm, it's time to channel that energy into gentle strokes.


 2. You don't make any noise at all.


 You may be having the time of your life, but if you're going to maintain drop dead silence, she'll never know if you're enjoying yourself. A moan here and there, a few words of encouragement, or a grunt if you're feeling particularly manly-anything is better than her thinking you're dead or worse, asleep.


 3. Excessive questioning


If she has consented to having séx with you, she doesn't want to fill in a yes-or-no questionnaire at every step of the process. The only question you should (definitely) ask her is if you're aiming to go through the backdoor. Otherwise, don't bombard her with hundreds of questions—just trust your gut and read the signs her body is giving.


 4. Forgetting about a phenomenon called "foreplay"


 Imagine a thriller with no buildup—just the climax and then The End. It doesn't sound like much fun, does it? That's pretty much what it's like for women when you entirely skip foreplay. Women's bodies take time to respond and really get into it, so remember-sow and you shall reap.


 5. Being stuck in one position for an extended period of time or changing positions too quickly A


 routine is never anyone's idea of fun. Séx should be fun and spontaneous, but if your idea of mixing it up includes trying 57 positions in 9 different areas of the house, you're probably overdoing it a little. Move around enough to experiment, but never (ever) switch too fast when you see that your woman is responding.


 Being selfish FYI— foreplay does not just mean a blówjob. Make sure you return the favours that she showers on you. Also, don't ever leave your woman hanging simply because you came before her. God has given you more than one body part—use them.


 Zero after-play


 Sure, you're both sweating afterwards, and you just want to lie down alone for a bit to catch your breath. But avoiding her like the plague after you've just had séx with her is only going to make sure you never get into her pants again. So suçk it up-a little bit of cuddles never killed anyone. 


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