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Men if you are given R30 million to marry these type of women, can you marry them?

They say that a young lady is far more capable than a young guy of doing anything. Men have traditionally been expected to exercise, but an increasing number of young women have begun to do so as well in order to reduce weight, get six packs, and considerably improve their muscle mass.

A significant number of them do it for concerts, competitions, or even wrestling; although some look to be quite adept, others appear to be lacking in confidence. They accomplish this by a persistent pattern of insane conduct and the use of drugs.

I'm truly surprised by their clothes and how strange they appear; some of them can't even get their hands to glide down their arms properly. I'm not sure how they achieved it. How should they dress in their robes and skirts? In this situation, how are they going to put on their quick tops? What are they going to sew with?

Look at these photos of at least two, if not three, insane female body builders.

We've talked about the ladies who assumed they'd marry men like him, and a sizable percentage of them responded "no" when we questioned them. Men, here's your chance: would you be interested in marrying a lady architect like this? You should be apprehensive about attempting to manipulate them in any way.

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