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Husband and wife relationship

OPINION: Marrying A Good Wife Is Better Than Having A Beautiful Wife; Here Are My Reasons

Have you ever thought of going to a store to purchase a wristwatch and then you decide to pick a gold watch with lesser functions instead of a silver watch with more functions? 

Going by a larger survey, it is certain that most men like to choose a woman to marry based on physical features, and so you hear them say, "I want a curvy, busty, fair or a beautiful lady". Some will even go to that extreme of wanting to have all the features in their woman to be. 

Many ladies here in South Africa have most of those features, but should that be the first consideration when you want to choose a life partner? 

Marriage as an institution 

Remember, marriage is an institution where you will begin to learn new things about life. Things about life such as how to be long-suffering, patient, control temperament, forgive offences and so on. 

So, if you are to cope with the aforementioned, I believe you should consider a good woman above beauty, and here below are the reasons. 

1. Love at first sight and beauty can fade

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Here comes a question to answer: Should one consider love before marriage or love after marriage? 

It is not wrong to love before marriage but the only difference is that loving after marriage can make your relationship last longer. The reason is because if you have rather married a lady because she is caring, can cook, and manage with the available resources in the home, and not because of beauty, you have married her because she is good and not because she is beautiful. 

Another reason is that, if you love a woman because of certain features, and those features fade or are no longer like they were, your love may begin to fade too. Meanwhile, if you decide to start loving a woman after you've married her, it can make your relationship last longer because the love is genuine. 

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2. A good woman can still be beautiful 

"Beauty, as the saying goes, is in the eyes of the beholder". Also, what looks beautiful to one may not be beautiful to another. 

What does that mean? A lady, even if she doesn't look attractive at first sight, can begin to look attractive eventually because of the love you have for her. 

This is not to say, a man shouldn't think of the physical features that he likes in a lady before marrying, but I think a good woman, with her good character, is already beautiful, isn't she? 

3. A good woman is a builder 

Another reason you may want to consider a good woman over a beautiful woman is that a good woman helps to build your home, while a woman you marry for only beauty's sake doesn't. 

4. A good woman is more romantic 

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Don't get it twisted, a good woman looks and acts more romantic than a supposedly beautiful one. 

Have you ever been in love with a typical village girl who has good characters? Her love for you makes her want to see you being happy always and one of them is the romance she adds when she greets you, feeds you, talks with you, or plays with you. 

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