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Guys : your woman is satisfied in bed with you if

Women have been known since the begining of time to shy away from relating with their partner about what works for them in bed.They are better actors when it comes to faking their pleasure with you.

When they don't get enough satisfaction from your performance they tend to go look outside for it.Women are different and as such they have different parts of their body that arouses them.

It's always better to have a chat with your partner about this or you take time to discover various parts that you need to touch to arouse her.

Well if you think you might have been lucky to have discovered her zones, here's how you will know you have done a good job under the sheets.

1. Her body shivers from excitement: When you have hit the right spot on your woman you will notice how her body shivers.

2. She clings to you after : After your performance ,if she holds you tight just know she is happy.

3. She prepares you a grand meal after : knowing that you have exhausted energy to please her, she will be eager to please ur stomach to replenish your strength.

4.Shes all smiles: When a woman is satisfied in bed ,it's as if a whole load has been taken off her head.she will be in a good mood and all smiles.

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