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After getting married & signing at home affairs, a couple now sips each other's warm blood for this


A video of a couple identified as Cameroonians is spreading on the internet, and it appears that they are enacting a blood covenant to strengthen their affection.

They used a razor blade to cut each other's hands, then swapped them and the blood while whispering a few words to each other.

Observing the two, it is evident that the woman in the video was terrified, but the male persuaded her to continue with the arrangement.

Sule Buba received a lot of backlash from some online media users, but he held firm and protected his actions. The video has subsequently become a viral hit, with many people reacting to it in different ways.

The video was posted on Twitter, and if you want to see it and hear what they were discussing before the blood bond, click on the link below.

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