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Woman in love with two men under the same roof.

Under the same roof lives a woman who is in love with both of the tenant males.

On many social media platforms, there is a photo circulating of a lady who is said to be living with both of her lovers at the same time.

On various social media platforms, a picture of the lady who is said to be cohabitating with two of her lovers has been making the rounds.

It would seem that a significant number of males are not impressed.

On the other side, the females are overjoyed about this development. They have been effusive in their praise for the lady's success in bringing together her two males.

Although polyandry is permitted in Mzansi, it's not particularly common.

In South Africa, it would be rather unusual to come across a situation in which a woman shared her home with two males.

Men who use social media have expressed their dissatisfaction at this news by stating that a woman should never be in the company of more than one male at a time.

"I notice that a lot of women are delighted about this, and some of them are even promoting it, but this is wrong on so many different levels.

"I do not think that ancestors would look favorably upon a marriage involving many men. It's wrong!" exclaimed James Matlhala.

It's strange, remarked Sinikiwe Mkhonza, how so many men are so ready to attack this, yet for decades they've been teaching women notions about how they should practice polygamy.

They shoved polygamy down our throats for years, but now that the tables have turned, it's disgusting? "To tell you the truth, it boggles my mind," Sinikiwe added.

According to Lihle Ngwenya, this has inspired her to bring her secondary boyfriend into the relationship with her primary lover so that they may all have a happy ending.

"She seems happy, and I can't even begin to fathom how their bedroom life is," she added. "I can't even begin to picture how their bedroom life is."

According to Dudu Mkoneni, her cousin attempted to do this, but it ended in tragedy when the boyfriend she had been with for four years broke up with her.

"She sacrificed the love of her life in order to be a hero for others on social media, and that was a mistake."

Dudu expressed the hope that women would give this topic careful consideration before settling on a course of action.


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