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Letting go of what you love is painful| Excuses only made by someone who fell out of love (opinion)

Letting go of someone you love is one the most painful things one can do, but staying with someone who has given you too many red flags is meaningless, and it is waste of time. These are the excuses that are only made by Someone who fell out of love with you:

"We are moving too fast"

A person who fell out of love with you would repeatedly claim that you guys are moving too fast; especially when you share your future plans with them. It is no secret that everyone wants to get married to someone they love, but when someone fell out in love with you will even reject your marriage proposal and say you guys are moving way too fast. Love is blind and you must ask yourself why your partner is not blinded by your love, well because there is no love anymore.

'' Maybe the problem is me".

Someone who has fallen out of love with you would pretend even when it is so unnecessary. A person who has fallen out of love would tell you that he or she think that there is something off about your relationship and blame himself or herself for seeing things that you don't see.

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