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Mzansi Left Heartbroken By #MinaNaweHouse Episode After A Lady Shared How Her Husband Beats Her

Romantic relationships are created when two individuals form a bond of love for another and decide to share that love with one another. Romantic relationships should provide partners with a safe space where they are able to be themselves, express themselves however they want to without judgement, and for mistakes to be corrected without harshness.

But those attributes seem to exist in a relationship when the partners are in the honeymoon phase and they are head over hills for one another. During the honeymoon phase, partners treat each other like king and queen. They become considerate of each other's feelings and they become scared of hurting each other. But as time goes by, things seem to change and other partners start revealing their true colours, which means some of them show a sense of obsessiveness that leads to abuse and controlling their partners.

Many people find themselves in abusive relationships and being abused by someone they claim loves and cares about them. In South Africa, gender-based violence is another pandemic that is affecting the country. On a daily basis, a number of people become victims of gender-based violence within their relationships, some even to the point where they end up losing their lives.

Last night on an episode of "Mina Nawe House" on Moja Love Channel, viewers were left heartbroken after a lady shared how her husband abuses her. The Mina Nawe House is a reality TV show that invites married couples who are experiencing problems in their marriage to unpack and solve their problems. In the house, the couples participate in activities and share their problems.

On last night's episode, a black Muslim couple started speaking out, and the wife started sharing how her husband beats her, even in front of the kids. Sometimes she even tells him not to beat her in front of the kids, and they should go somewhere private. Then they continue beating her while sharing this. She was in tears right next to her husband. Mzansi was left shocked by how determined the husband was to abuse his wife, even stopping to go and beat her in private.

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