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For men: 5 petty reasons she will not date you

If the woman you're still chasing refuses to have a relationship with you for some reason, there are some unlikely reasons.

Have you ever met a girl and everything seemed fine, but when you told her you wanted to be with her, she immediately rejected her? Have you ever wondered why this is so?

1. You comment on every pretty lady's picture

If you're one of those guys who likes a lot of girls online, don't be surprised if he doesn't want to see you.

Every Killing Queen on Instagram has likes and comments on their page, which means you're on the road and no one's looking for you.

2. You have too many female friends

If someone like you keeps trying to wish beautiful women a happy birthday, then you are such a red flag, how can you find more beautiful women? Confidence and jealousy are common among women.

3. When can you stop talking about your mother?

Don't be surprised if you put your mother on a level that no one can match, if she follows a woman.

Of course we love our mothers, but no one wants to be with a man who is controlled by his mother. She wants to be the first woman in your life, and even if she isn't, she doesn't want to compete for your love.

4. You talk a lot about sèx

If he talks about her big butť on the first date, it sounds like she wants to have sèx. It wouldn't be great if every joke had to be so èrotic.

5. You don’t want to spend money

Even if she is an independent woman, she still loves man, which shows that he cares about her very much.

Of course, women go to extremes to ask for privileges and money for transportation and hair, but it's not easy to get the bill the next day.

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