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Husband and wife relationship

" I feel like a side chick" check how these women are loosing their husbands

A young lady kid is probably going to be a daddy's young lady and their mom gets overlooked or don't stand out enough to be noticed like previously

Look at this women are whining on how their children took their significant other from them

Here you can tell that she's denoting her domain , assuming you move that hand it's reasonable the will be hellfire to pay. However, haha yet a shower cap! She's so adorable , nowonder her dad can't get enough of her.

This one acknowledged defeate, and chose to relinquish her better half. Here and there it's smarter to acknowledge that you lost.

Haha this one feels like a side chick.

This two are best buds, you can simply tell.

This two are twins, look how cheerful she is.

Furthermore, the is this uproarious one, continually looking at her dad's telephone.

Tenacious one.

This one reveres her dad ,you can see it in her adorable face.

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