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3 Secrets Of Getting Girls Addicted To You

You can make a woman addicted to you in a variety of ways. If you want a lady to become addicted to you, you don't have to spend all your money to get her attention. Instead, set your own rules and make sure she follows them. To get a woman addicted to you, I'll offer three tips and tricks in this article.

1. Give her a break after five days of impressing her. To get a woman addicted to you, make a big impression on her and then go on a break. When she misses you a lot, she'll start calling you all the time because she misses you so much! You have to do this for five days straight, keep communication energetic, crack jokes, be sarcastic, make her laugh, and develop memories with her by texting regularly and engaging in stimulating conversation.

2. Keep all of your money away from her. Instead of sending her money, show her how much you care by buying her lots of presents. Being quirky is a good approach to attract a lady's attention. You must keep your wealth a secret from her, which is why you should refrain from sending her money. Give her things on occasion instead of just sending her money every now and then. Identifying what she values and what she'd like as a gift, if you bought it for her, is necessary to accomplish this. Your daughter is going to cherish these and appreciate your efforts in procuring them for her.

3. Don't be afraid to be rude to her. Using this technique, you can arouse a woman's curiosity. The time to be disrespectful is when other people are attempting to get closer or become friends with her.

Her confusion would grow as she wondered why one man chose to be rude to her while others went out of their way to satisfy her. Her addiction to you will grow, and she may start stalking you.

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