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Divorce Affair

"Anytime you see a married man cheating the wife is the problem."-Chris Excel. See comments.


Chris Excel's twitter posts were filled with comments after she said that when a man cheats, the wife is the problem. This could be true but it will never change the fact that cheating on your wife is a sin. Even when she no longer makes you happy, men should have the strength to either leave or tell their wives what they are doing wrong.

Most times, a man will cheat when he does not feel emotionally bound to his wife. Also if he does not feel the kindness, love, gentleness and humility of his wife, he is pushed away.

Here are the comments"

1."You're lying, cheating is a choice people cheat for the fun of it. He didn't mean to cheat why is he posting? Why it's rare to get a valid is a choice honestly, if he had any complaints he would have said so. There's no need to justify cheating."

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