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An Unhealthy Mother-Son Relationship Can Be Spotted By These Signs

The relationship between a mother and son is emotional and sensitive too. Inadequacies in the boy's upbringing or unpleasant circumstances faced by the mother can mar the relationship.

Here are some reasons a mother-son relationship may be unhealthy:

Number 1: Mommy guilt or Overprotection.

As a mom, you can protect your son, but going overboard can make the boy meek and dependent. That behaviour is called 'momism', when the mother shadows her child in all areas of his life. In childhood, a boy expects to be treated the same way by everyone. As he grows older, however, he might feel suffocated by his mother and long for independence from her. This disrupts the bond between mother and son.

Number 2: Women who are single mothers.

When a boy grows up only with his mother due to the divorce of his parents or the death of his father, he would not know the love of his father. Additionally, with so many other things to handle. She won't be able to devote enough time to bonding with the boy, which would lead to fractures in the relationship.

Number 3: There are too many rules.

As her son grows up, the mother needs to change some of her home rules. As a teenager, the boy wants to be independent. He does not want his mother to choose his friends for him or tell him what to wear. When the mother and the boy have too many rules like staying close to me, meeting me every weekend, calling me every day, etc, this can lead to a rift between them.

Number 4: Boundaries are not clearly defined.

Mothers and sons need to think about boundaries in their relationship just like any other relationship. Each of them must be mindful not to intrude on the other's privacy. A son may say, "I don't want you to bother me while I'm out together with my family." If his mother calls and intrudes on their privacy while the son's family is out, he may say, "I don't want you to bother me.".Similarly, if the son calls his mother too often for advice, the mother can say, "I appreciate that you seeking my advice, but you need to take responsibility for your own decisions."

Mother-son relationships are delicate. As long as all is well, the boy can flourish under his mother's care, but when trouble arrives, both have to make an effort to make things better. Thank you for joining us please do not forget to follow us. There are many more tips like this coming.


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