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Nota responds to his Wife Exposing him

Clearly, Nota is in denial. His wife, Berita recently spoke about keeping quiet because of her safety concerns and also opened up that it was a matter of choosing life or staying married to Nota.Nota Baloyi Biography: Age, Wife, Family, Parents & Net Worth - Press  Informant, Nigeria News Paper

Responding to his wife's tweets about their separation and her choice to leave, Nota also took to Twitter and said, "For the record, I love my wife… We’ll pray through this. All couples have challenges but communication is key. I have not been able to communicate with her. Until I do I will continue to pray for her peace & wellbeing. As for my mental health, I will never let anyone trivialize it!".

Nota continued his tweets by saying, "Men's mental health is always weaponized against us that’s why we find it hard to talk. I speak openly about how I have actively taken care of my mental health since I was 4-years old. On the 20th of January, I had suicidal ideation. My family was terrified. I was all alone…".

Nota took it even further by also talking about the differences in how a man gives feedback when he is humiliated as being compared to how a woman's feedback is when she is humiliated.

"They say a man will embarrass you. A woman will humiliate you. There’s a difference in how a man responds to humiliation as opposed to how a woman responds to embarrassment, that tells you everything you need to know about dignity. No matter what happens between you keep it tidy!", Nota wrote.

Some people did not believe Nota's words on Twitter and believe that he is just trying to act like he is a victim, and he must swallow the bitter pill of who he really is to other people and himself too because, according to his wife, he is unstable mentally.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that Nota is right? Leave a comment and let us know!Nota celebrates wife Berita's 10th award. - South Africa Rich And Famous


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