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Divorce Affair

Mnakwethu: Here's What People Noticed, That Got Them Talking

Some people want to be in polygamy because they think it is a fun thing to do, they do not even care about how their partners feel about polygamy. On the previous episodes, the wife moved from the city to the village.

It seems like she moved there because she wanted to help out. Makhosi is the first wife, she has been married for some time now. She could not believe her husband cheated on her, she met the lady her husband cheated with.

The lady seem disrespectful, she was rude. She forgot that Makhosi is the first wife, the husband did not only cheat. He also sent lobola for the woman, under his first wife's nose. Makhosi felt betrayed, her in-laws did not even inform her.

She was left in the dark, she just found out about the lobola. She could not believe that the lobola negotiations happened and no one felt the need to inform her since she is the wife.

People could tell that the husband seems allegedly abusive, they felt Makhosi's pain. People noticed that Makhosi was in so much pain, she was crying while she was talking. There are viewers who cried when they saw the first wife cry, they felt like she deserves better.

The first wife decided to leave because she knows her worth. She said she would rather leave then to stay in a marriage based on lies, the husband said he wants polygamy because when he fights with one of his wives, he can go to the other one, to avoid the situation.

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