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A Lady Become A Laughing Stock After She Went To #LenyaloLethata And This Is What Was Revealed

A Lady Become A Laughing Stock After She Went To #lenyalolethata And This Is What Was Revealed

Source: MojaLoveTv channel 147 dstv twotter page

Source: Hashtag #lenyalolethata Twitter page

She called #lenyalolethata considering the way that her soul mate remained silent with regards to their marriage - her family doesn't understand she got hitched. I give it to Ntathe Thuso. He is extraordinary at tutoring people in marriage. Ntate Thuso believes in Marriage so much whether or not naye uyabona uguthi the situation is horrendous, he never considers isolating. Imagine being hitched and not being familiar with the mate/spouse's family. Females at this point have sensation imagine getting hitched to one another, disaster.

I want to agree with ntate Thuso there... marriage without the endowment of the old people is something other than what's expected. Without the consent of watchmen (family) it will not at any point work out positively. This why I scorn this continue to sign business rather than going through the lobola services. A small amount of the time it has nothing to do with saving costs.

Every so often we become what the other individual can't see because of how our assistants treat us I feel for her exacerbation she's even on antidepressants. This lady has irritating issues and Lizzy is off-kilter in this relationship. Lizzy is astoundingly peaceful and this lady ena is very excited and its causing her to seem like she is pushy or unhinged. Lizzy ke skelm, I think the marriage thing came from her, by and by o sharp ka this lady. Mara Lizzy oselfish, you can't expect that your accomplice ought to be a comparative individual you met 5yrs earlier.

Elizabeth as of late missed seeing Tshidiso...athe science was so strong between them, they love each other and she comprehended she submitted a blunder by going out.

Lizzy is just holding on for her to observe another profession and she is leaving...I think this lady was financing this relationship when she was working..Lizzy is used to be managed, not yena supporting her.

She got her own ring, she's not using any and all means the only one a huge load of ladies do this, even remuneration lobola for themselves. I feel like the issue is finance here, I think Lizzy is grieved by both her mate snd children's assistance. I without a doubt think Liza has not dealt with the her childhood injury and the abuse from her past relationship. She hadn't recovered. Legitimate and the life partner needs to control the assets. Legitimate and I figure the companion hasn't retouched from her assault. This abuse n attack is a strategy for recovering n conveying the disturbance.

JJobless people reliably believe that it is difficult to leave noxious associations considering the way that when in doubt they are financially dependent upon their lowlifes. It's so frustrating. More positions please, our mental prosperity depends upon it.

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