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Muscular mother confronts man who slept with both her daughters and it ended in tears

A mother's worst nightmare came true when she discovered that both her daughters were dating the same man. 

The mother took matters into her own hands when she went to confront the man who was sleeping with both her daughters. 

And just like the headline suggested, the confrontation did not go down well.

It has been stated that the man at the center of the controversy is a self proclaimed pastor from Zimbabwe. 

The muscular mother known as Lebani Ncube, popularly known as Mbana, said her decision to attack Pastor Sixpence came after she found out he had been bedding her two daughters – Shylet, 20, and Tatenda, 18.

She said somebody needed to show the man not to mess with people's daughters. 

It is alleged that pastor Sixpence proposed love to the two sisters and they accepted his proposal. 

The mother got wind that there was tension between the two sisters and she discovered that the tension was because they were dating the same man.

So she went to his rented room and she beat him up to a pulp. 


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