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Steve Komphela gives advice on dealing with an unkind or selfish person

Steve Khomphela has been providing what I can call a 'cyber fatherhood' to many people in need via his social media account.

One thing about Steve is that he always has an answer about anything that evolves around philosophy and he is not that kind of a man who ignores questions or comments like other celebrities.

Steve has been frequently been asked questions which you can tell that they were meant to be answered by a parent but he won't mind answering them and he seems to find joy in doing so.

Last night he was approached by someone and asked him how does one deal with an unkind person or a selfish person. does one have to grow a thick skin so it wont break him or her every time it happens.

Komphela took no time to respond to that question by saying that The character of an unkind person is not your fault. Understand them for who and what they are, their upbringing is to blame and not you. Maybe learn from them, how not to be. Unkind people can be a real test to highly considerate people but they are part of life.

Many people got took an answer even though there was just one who asked. They gave thanks to Steve for the words.

There is someone who tried asking a question regarding a Mamelodi Sundown's targeted player but that person was told that Steve does not use his social platforms for such and there are designated people for those things, not him.

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