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6 Sleeping Habits And What They Say About Your Relationship. - OPINION.

What is going on in your and your spouse's minds determines your sleeping posture with them. When you sleep, the manner you toss your arms or legs to each other has a meaning. If you're curious about your sleeping position, don't miss this article.

1. The first is the tangle position.

This is also known as the honeymoon hug position, and it is popular among newlywed couples. It is the most intimate and close-knit position, implying a passionate and vignous sexual bond between the couple. This is a typical posture for couples after they have made love.

2. The spooning position is number two.

There are three different forms of this position. (a). The girl is being spooned by the guy. This indicates that the man is domineering and enjoys being in command of everything. It refers to the level of intimacy between you two. (b). The gentleman is spooning the gentleman. This demonstrates that the girl is overly protective of the man, bordering on possessiveness. (c). Spooning, but a little different. This indicates that you and your partner have mutual trust and rely on one another.

3. The third position is the cradle.

This is a protective and caring position. The girl putting her head on the guy's chest shows her desire for a guardian who is sensitive to her emotional needs. It's also referred to as stargazing. It also demonstrates that the male is open to her requirements and is willing to provide her with the assistance she seeks. It represents a couple's communication and understanding.

4. The leg huggers are number four.

This position implies that you care about each other, but you aren't really vocal or upfront about it. It also implies that you desire each other's attention but are not ready to receive it openly.

5. The freedom fighters are number five.

This is a common position for couples who have had a disagreement about something. It also implies that spouses require some privacy and freedom from outside influences.

6. They are separated by a distance.

This is a common situation for couples who have nothing in common and opposing or opposing viewpoints on issues.

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