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VIDEO|| A Guy Turned Into a Laughing Stock After He Went To An Expensive Bar Wearing Fake Airforce


One thing about some black people is that they don’t want to accept their situations, they don’t want to admit that they are suffering, and peer pressure massively adds to this. If your friend buys a new phone tomorrow, you will feel small and do everything possible to get a new phone. Appreciating the little things in your life is very important. It also saves you from many things.


As people, we have a very big disease that is humiliating us and seeking recognition. People fake their lives on social media and do all kinds of crazy things just to get someone’s recognition. Last week, there were trending photos of a guy who bought fake Fabiano clothes and posted his photos on social media, hoping that people wouldn’t notice. It’s very sad that people embarrass themselves over unnecessary things. If you know you can’t afford certain things, why don’t you just leave them alone and buy the ones that you can afford?


Now there is another trending video of a guy who turned into a laughing stock after he went to an expensive bar wearing a fake Nike Air Force. After people noticed that his air force was fake, the whole bar turned upside down as they mocked him. They even took it off to prove that it’s fake. Watch the video linked below.

After this video was posted on social media, many people were not happy about how this guy was treated. They even went on to say the people who are mocking him are stupid because they don’t know what tomorrow has for them, but some supported the mockers and advised that people should refrain from buying fake things. See some of the comments below:


We are all looking for a greener pasture in life. If you see someone failing, you shouldn’t laugh at them, instead support them for a better change. People are wrong for mocking this guy. They should have just advised him that your sneakers are very off and to stop buying fake things. "What are your thoughts on this?"Do you think the people who mocked the guy were unfair? Comment below.


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