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5 things that women find repulsive in a man

In this article, you are going to learn about things that make you unattractive to women. The beautiful thing is that these are the things you have control over. You can work on yourself to improve. If you can overcome the following things you will become more attractive to females.

1. Having a victim mindset

This is where you blame others for where you are in life. You blame your parents, government, or anyone other than yourself. This shows that you have no control over your life. To overcome this you need to put it in your head that no one owes you anything in this world. You are the only one responsible for your future. Wherever you are in life it's your fault. Nobody is bewitching you. The moment you take responsibility for your life, you are no longer a boy, you become a man.

2. Being predictable

Women find predictable men boring. If you are predictable, she can read you before you even open your mouth. She knows what you're going to say and what you're going to do next. There is no mystery. Women are attracted to men they can't figure out. If she figures you out from the first interaction, then why would she chase you?

3. No ambition

You don't know what you want out of life. Each man should have a goal. You should have something bigger to aim for. If you are above 30 and you are still living with your parents and you have no plan for the future. Many women will see you as a loser. I'm not saying it's wrong to live with your parents as we all know that the unemployment rate is high. Not having a plan for your life is what makes you a loser.

4. Being needy

You want to be around her all the time. You can't give her space to be herself. You don't have anything going on in your life other than her. You feel like she is your whole life. All these things make appear as needy. You need to have a life outside of her and you should allow her to do her things. She doesn't want to feel like she is your mom.

5. Being untidy

You can have all the money in the world and you can also have good looks but if you wear dirty clothes and you are smelly, no woman is going to date you. When you are clean you look good and you also feel more confident.

Now it's time to hear from you. What are other things that make a man unattractive to women? Please leave a comment below.

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