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18 Year old girl stabs her boyfriend for cheating with her friend. We need to end GBV.

We are all searching for the perfect lover, however relationships can be tough. Sometimes they can be stressful and other times they can break your heart. However on rare occasions, they can be incredibly violent. That's what one man learnt recently when he did something that his lover didn't like very much. Here are all the details.

Heartbreak and an injury :

A 28 year old man recently felt the wrath of his teenage girlfriend when she caught him cheating. According to RUSA (Reaction Unit South Africa), late last night they were called out to the scene by neighbors of the man, who found him lying outside his house. When officers arrived he informed them that he was drinking alcohol with his girlfriend and her friend when she caught him alone in a room with her friend. In anger, she broke a bottle and stabbed him with it. While the man was transported to hospital, the girl handed herself over.

The reality of the situation :

Gender based violence is a serious issue in South Africa. However it's recently been only focused on female victims. The truth of the matter is that men also experience gender based violence and they suffer from it. However most men are too embarrassed to expose the violence they experience in relationships.

As we move forward let us help both men and women as both can be victims of this kind of violence. We should also note that this man was drinking with an eighteen year old girl. Though it does make her legal, it if just barely and this man should be cautioned against spending time with girls who are this age. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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