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Coming Up On Skeem Saam What Lehasa Will Be Left In Tears After Hearing This

It was love at first sight for Lehasa and Nothile. That was something Mzansi was opposed to from the start.

Lehasa has always desired children, but he has turned down Pretty's baby because of Nothile. We assume he hopes to have children with Nothile someday, but he has no idea that everything is going to explode in his face.


Nothile will inform Lehasa that she does not want children, which will cause him to have serious worries. Lehasa will come to regret denying Pretty's kid because he will never have a baby in his world with Nothile.

 Because Nothile is unable to have children, she will be left alone, and Lehasa will come to the conclusion that Pretty is the ideal match for him. We don't know if Pretty's abortion was successful or not, but if it was, Lehasa's world will be turned upside down.


Another factor that will cause them to fail is that Pretty is still young, and she will need to explore a wider range of interests in life than sitting at home with Lehasa. On that note, things will not work out.

Lehasa had always wanted kids of his own, especially with his wife, but since her death, he was unable to have kids and hoped that one day he would with the eggs she stored for him. The only thing he had to do was find the right woman to carry his babies, and he thought he had found her when he was with Lelo, but unfortunately, she was not the right one.

Now that he has fallen in love again with a woman that can not bare him kids, he might have ruined his only chances of having his own child when he rejected Pretty's pregnancy and this might shatter him when he finds out that the baby no longer exists. 

Do you think that Lehasa deserves the recasting news he will get after he finds out he is responsible for losing the child? Comment down below.

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