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Husband and wife relationship

Siyacela falls for an older woman

Siyacela Dlamuka is a young husband who married his wife Thando at the age of 16, siyacela seemed to be very much in love and could not resist Thando, he asked his father to help him marry the love of his life as young as he was. He vowed to love and be with his wife till forever.

The two had bigger plans for future but siyacela later pulled out of school and currently is not doing nothing about his education or getting a job.

Instead he seems to be having a good time socially because he likes hanging out with his brothers and now that he has a car he seems to be having a good time now that it's easy for him to get around.

The past Saturday we saw his father calling the wife to his house asking how she is feeling because Siyacela was away for 8 days, he went to Durban with his brother to visit their older brother who works there. The boys seemed to have a good time away from home, they were also having comments about going back home that they were actually happy to be far from their home and their father because he is very controlling and wants things to go his way. And the fact that there has been a lot of tension with everyone at home, so being away is a good thing for them that is why they decided to even ignore every call coming from their home because they know their father will order them to come back home right away.

The boys have been going out,enjoying their drinks and having a braai. While braaing they were talking about the girls that they are dating and Siyacela seems to be very much in love with his new woman, however his big brother seems to not be happy with his decision more especially about the type of a woman he is involved with. He also stated that he has no problem with his younger brother taking a second wife because they are Zulus and they themselves were born in a polygamy home. And another big issue is that Siyacela is involved with an older woman who is 8 years older than him and siyacela commented in his diary session that age does not matter if you love someone, the person might even have 20 kids and that shouldn't stop anyone for being in a relationship with them. Siyacela seems to be deep in love indeed. I mean a whole 8 years? The woman is even older than his 1st wife Thando. And the new lover also has a 10 year old child. Guys!! Siyacela must be out of his mind🤔.. But unfortunately he does not have a problem at all because he says he feels the comfort, love and warmth when he is with this woman. He says she understand him better.

During this whole process, Thando back home is hurting. She has been trying to call her husband but he is not answering and also since the husband left home he does not call as usual. Thando is certain that her man is cheating, she even posted on her status that who ever borrowed her man they must bring him back to her because she still needs him.

Thando is not happy at all about everything and she even mentioned in her diary session that what Siyacela is doing to her, she won't forget and she will definitely pay revenge.

We wish you all the best Thando.

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