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Bad News for men who do not want to take the vaccine, they are trying to turn Woman against us.

In the Eastern Cape and Other parts of South Africa, it's been found that there is a lower number of Vaccinated men than vaccinated Women. While we do not know why this is, one Eastern Cape MEC had already come up with a way that she believes will solve it. She is trying to turn Women against men and get them to deny us one thing that we all want. Allow me to explain.

No Jab, No Shagging :

Recently an Eastern Cape MEC has come out saying that she believes that there should be an informal sex Ban for people who do not want to or haven't taken the vaccine. She believes that Women should deny men intercourse if they haven't taken the vaccine. This means that any Women who is with or meets a man who hasn't taken the vaccine, should not sleep with him.

While this isn't the law yet and seems to be just a suggestion. Using intercourse as a way to control a man's actions seems like pure manipulation and if you have to be manipulated tp take the vaccine than is it really even your choice anymore. Here's the implications of this situation.

What does this mean for partners :

Marriages and relationships should always be equal on both sides, there should never be a power struggle and one partner shouldn't be denying another partners needs to manipulate them into doing something. Using Women to manipulate men through intercourse can turn relationships toxic very quickly and could cause the relationship or marriage to end. I would personally like to suggest that if they want people to get the vaccine they should find other ways and not mess with people's relationships. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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