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Spiritual healers regard to it as water spirits

Elders I bow to your divinity🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

A lot has been said about spiritual husband/wife/spiritual totem). But, there is a type of totem that we normally don't talk about. And, this totem in most cases #Spiritual Healers regard to it as Water Spirit Ancestor (water spirits)..foreign or Mermaid. 

People who possess this spiritual husband (totem) often are wealthy but single. This spirit will appear to you as your partner and sleep with you in a dream. It often doesn't act like the spiritual husband we all know.

This totem it's very romantic and loving. It doesn't normally sleep with you without having foreplay with you. And, you don't feel any pains afterwards but, all seem normal. 

This totem collects your eggs/sperms in exchange of is a Marine Spirit. It holds all the wealth in the water species...Diamond, Gold, Coal, Sapphire, Ruby etc.

You won't have bad luck when you possesses this spirit but, it doesn't allow you to get married, it either kills your partner or ruin your relationships.

Often you find people who possess this Totem they have all the monies in the world, but, they are single and live alone. 

When you initiate this spirit unknowingly it doesn't kill you but destroy the initiation schools and instructor who initiate you.

You will hear your saying your ancestors are very powerful not knowing that it is not ancestors but a water totem.

that doesn't need initiation but cleansing if you don't want the spirit or acknowledgement if you want the spirit to be part of you. 

That is why you will find people complaining that-all was going well in their life before they went to a certain initiator . and got cleansed because they're initiator said they have spiritual partner.

Know that the totem was not the normal one which comes to destroy. but it was the one that came to give wealth in exchange of sperms and eggs to increase the population in the Marine world.

Also be careful not to initiate this spirit because you will live long but suffer in the process.

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