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Here Is A Remedy That Can Help You Bring Back You Ex-Lover

Yesterday I published an article about a ritual that could bring back lost lovers back, I was sad to realize that some people don't have the access to most of the ingredients that are needed to perform these rituals. One person even asked if I could be able to buy these products and send it to Mozambique, but unfortunately, I can not do that. What I promised is that I will write another article which does the same thing as the one he commented on, but with different ingredients

This ritual is similar to the one that I published yesterday, you can click HERE to read that article. Both these articles talks about ways in which you can bring back your lost lover, or ex husband or wife. If you are from South Africa or you have access to the products that were required in the Article I wrote yesterday, you can use that method, but if you don't have access to the ingredients, this ritual will bring the same results as the first one

The ingredients which are needed to perform this ritual are as follows

- White candle

- Honey

- Red Pap

- Plain Paper

- instant coffee

When it comes to instant coffee, you only have to choose one which you prefer the most, you don't buy all the coffees that I've posted above. If you like Jacobs, use it only, if you like Frisco, use it also. Only one coffee brand should be used

The instructions on how to perform this ritual is as follows, you take two papers of plain papers and write your name and surname and your ex lover's name and surname on those papers separately. After you have done that, you will add some drops of honey on your ex-lover's name on the paper and rub it while you are saying these words "return to me immediately". After that, you will add coffee and cinnamon while saying the same words you said when rubbing honey on the photo "return to me immediately". After the "return to me immediately" part, you will take the paper that you wrote your name and put in on top of this paper and roll it three times. After folding the paper, you have to tie it with something red and bury it under a strong tree then walk away without looking back

Your ex-lover is more likely to "return to you immediately" after doing this. Please, also read the screenshots below for more clarity and if you ever get lost or you don't understand some of the instructions, leave a comment below, I will assist, just like am assisting the person who couldn't get the ingredients on the first article






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