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Leave your Girlfriend If She Does These Things, It Can Ruin You. - OPINION.

If you find your woman performing any of these things, she does not deserve you.

1. If she gives you contradictory messages.

She acts like your lover one moment and then treats you like a stranger the next. It's as though she admires you but isn't ready to commit to you.

2. If she is causing you to change in a negative way.

Don't be a fool in love; let her love you for who you are, or she won't love you at all. If you lose yourself for a woman, you'll be left with nowhere to go once she's gone.

3. If she is cheating on you.

Cheating on you once or twice is a mistake, but if she does it on a regular basis, it is a decision she has made or is making.

4. If she doesn't invite you to meet her friends.

If she makes up false excuses, there's a significant chance she doesn't want you to meet her friends because she doesn't think you're good enough.

5. If she wants commitment but you don't, or the other way around.

If she begins to overindulge in your life and continues to act as if it isn't a major concern, be aware that it is. She undoubtedly thinks more of you than you think, and if that makes you uncomfortable, let her know before it's too late.

6. If she does not have faith in you.

Any healthy and successful relationship is built on the foundation of trust. It's impossible to have something missing and act as if it's not a major concern.

7. If she refuses to tell you about her life.

It is the willingness of the two of you to share your experiences, opinions, and feelings that makes a relationship more than just roses and chocolates. And if she doesn't feel comfortable doing so, you're wasting your time.

8. If she doesn't return your calls or messages, is number eight.

If she doesn't try to strike up a conversation with you, she probably doesn't want to.

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It Can Ruin You


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