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[Pictures] Celebrity Twins together with their lovers

Naturally twins are born married or Interconnected. They share a primary attachment that is irreplaceable and forms a lifelong attachment and bond as well as an indelible identity. Sharing their in utero life is the beginning of their nonverbal communication and their need for closeness. And comfort can be found in physical proximity, where a sense of oneness is maintained and often endures throughout their lifespans.

When you get in a relationship with someone who has a twin you have to be understanding because it will not only be you and your partner, the other twin will always be there. You must know there's gonna be a time for you as a couple and also a time for the twins. You must not even get surprised when they still match outfits because their bond is unbreakable.

Here are celebrity twins who found love but still spend time together.

Innocent and Millicent

The identical twins who are also TV personalities are both married women. Even though Inno and Milli have their families separately they still prioritize spending time together. It's a very good thing they found understanding husbands who are always supportive of their crazy twinning ideas. The husbands are not related but you would swear they are also twins. This is because Innocent and Millicent have decided to make their families as one.

Nikki and Brie

The Bella twins who are wrestlers both have their own families. Brie was the first one to settle amongst the twins because she got married to her colleague Daniel Bryan. Nikki took time to settle down and would always spend time with her sister. Now Nikki has found her soul mate but still spends time with her sister.


Peter and Paul Okoye has been inseparable since birth, they got in the entertainment industry together and sang as a pair. Well today they're both married and do not get along, could it be because of their wives? One thing is blood is thicker than water and the two were made from the same egg and sperm cells, so even if they fight they are still going to fix their relationship.

Oros and Prince

The Mpofu twins have both settled down but they still have time for one another.


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Inno Innocent Milli Millicent


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