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THROWBACK: The Man Recording This Video Needs to be Arrested. See What This Man is Doing to his GF

 This reminds all young ladies and women to avoid toxic or abusive relationships. Marriage has never been coerced; you choose to marry someone; there is a popular motto in marriage that says "for good or bad." This does not mean that you should accommodate or allow an abusive partner.

 It is incredible to see that the violence has not diminished in any way. According to the viral video below, the man hasn't even proposed to her yet and has started beating her.

 The only thing that makes sense is that one lady beats another lady. Depending on the situation, you will make a woman kneel or punish her in various ways. One thing is certain: hitting or beating her is not one of your choices. After watching the video you provided, you will see what a person did to his partner, which is heartbreaking. This is usually because they are more delicate containers than other containers. Because she was unable to protect herself, this person began to knock her to the ground with great strength.

 When asked about the video, most people said that although they have no opinion on the man who abused his girlfriend, they do have an opinion on the person who recorded the video. They argued that he should be the person arrested or arrested in this case. Finally, when he has the ability to separate them or prevent them from fighting, what is the use of continuing to record them? If he doesn't interfere, the woman will die.

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