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After 77 Years Of Marriage, Loving Couple Embrace As They Enter Heaven Together

Recently, one married elderly couple revealed themselves as the pinnacle of “Till death do us part.”

This heartbreaking image, which their granddaughter posted online, shows the extent of one man's love for his wife as he bids her farewell for the last time after 77 years of marriage. A caption attached to the photo, posted by the granddaughter of the old couple, reads, “My grandma, 96, with my grandfather, 100, hours before her death this weekend. 77 years of wedlock. Couples all throughout the world have had their hearts softened by the viral snapshot. "Sorry for your loss and what a 'wonderful' way to go," writes one reader.

In a warm bed, holding hands with your husband, probably surrounded by family. My condolences to your grandfather, who lost his wife of a lifetime. God's blessings to everyone. Strangely, the granddaughter said that the image had sparked a number of hostile comments. It is difficult to see a justification for why anyone might be offended by this couple's remarkable demonstration of their love and dedication. In response to one of the many compliments, the granddaughter said, "Thank you. Much of the "hate" I've experienced was made worthwhile by this note. What do you think of the picture?


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