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When did you realize that you have to let your partner go. Ladies shared their stories

They is nothing more confusing in human nature than being in relationship and selecting the right partner to share your dreams and life with. Choosing a right partner for yourself is hard they is no doubt about that, but they is nothing worse than being stuck with someone you don't want anymore.

Ladies shared their stories about when did they decide that they had to let go of their partners and keep on searching until they find their soulmates. Even though some have the weirdest reasons on why they decided to dump their partners, one who doesn't really know their real story will think that some of these ladies didn't really love or have a thing for their boyfriends of which is complicated.

One thing about men is that when they are together they will share and complain to each about how their ladies are complicated and don't really know what they want from them. These reasons may be one of the reasons why men don't get to be themselves around women, they think they have to be always doing something perfect and amazing infront of their partners but that doesn't mean they shouldn't make perfect plans for their partners time after time to show love.

Ladies go through a lot but some of these are the weirdest and crazy reasons for being dumped as a man.

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