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People Are Very Disrespectful | Look What They Are Saying About These Ladies | See This

Social media can be wonderful most of the time, as people can use it for a lot of positive things such as meeting other people, promotion businesses, and other productive things, but at the same time social media can be very negative as there are a lot of rude and judgmental people who are on social media just to say negative things about people.

For example, a picture of these beautiful ladies enjoying themselves was posted on Twitter, but some people just decided to be rude and disrespectful towards the women by making comments about their age and appearances, just look at what some of them are saying...

"The one with crop, jesos..."

"Definitely these are 60s....🤣🤣🤣"

"My eyes a playing tricks ngale age yabo."

"amaCressida 🤣🤣🤣"

"These are not 80s, it's not just possible the mileage on all over them is too much. There is alot of flight hrs here."

''Crop top"

"But the definitely not from my province these 1s🤣🤣"

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