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Love in Tembisa Mall; Kabelo, Khanyisa and Love Masks

Love in A Mall; Kabelo proposes in a mall with mask

When the story of 2020 COVID-19 is told in history, it shall not be all about gloom and doom; disease and death, it shall also be told there were romance and love, weddings and celebrations. 

Kabelo added beautiful and romantic narratives to the COVID-19 story and gave gloomy crowd going about their day activities with something cheer today when he went down on his heels to propose to his girlfriend.

It was a usual Tuesday for both Kabelo and girlfriend- let’s call her Khanyisa. They had started the day like any other day waking up to a cold morning and hunger.

Khanyisa had fixed them a light breakfast. It has been a great year for the two has been dating for over five years now. Khanyisa is developing cold feet over the long period of their courtship. She did nt sign up for living together before marriage, but an incident that happened two years ago turned whole life around. 

Khanyisa came from a very disciplined Christian home. Sex before marriage is frowned at, needless to mention having a child outside of wedlock. Kabelo, on the other hand is a free thinker. A repented cassanova, meeting Khanyisa was a turning point in the life of Kabelo and had determined to stay with her forever. 

Kabelo wanted a big society wedding and has been saving up to make it happen. And then tragedy struck.

The couple had been enjoying the forbidden fruit for awhile as Khanyisa came over weekend after weekend. Khanyisa was pregnant. She had not been bubbly self for some days before then.

“Baby, I am pregnant. My father will kill me,” Khanyisa said as she came out of the bathroom with the pregnancy test kit dangling in her hand.

Kabelo was shocked beyond words, but managed to mutter some words to console confused Khanyisa. “What happened to the pills, babe?”

“I don’t know. I never missed them,” Khanyisa rummaged through her mind to find out if she had missed the contraceptive at any time in the past month. 

“I am sorry, babe. What shall we do now?”, Kabelo asked. Should I call my Uncle?

“No, no.. no!! There is no way. It has not happened in our family before. My father would have none of this,” Khanyisa said

Later in the day, the couple decided to have an abortion. It was Khanyisa’s saddest day of her life. The abortion almost cost her life. Not only was it painful, it wounded her soul deeply that she was bedridden for months.

It has been a year after the sad experience, but the couple has put it all behind them. However, Kabelo had an ace up his sleeve. He wanted to replace the bad memory with a new one. 

On Monday morning, he ran to the jewellery shop where he purchased an engagement ring having taken some money from his wedding savings. “Khanyisa deserves the world, and I’m going to honour before the world tomorrow”, Kabelo thought to himself.

As the couple walked through the mall main, Kabelo pulled out the box of ring from his pocket. Khanyisa wasn’t unawares, perhaps, she was lost in the memories the day carry in the history of their relationship. She was overwhelmed with emotion of loss. She needed smoething to lift her spirit but nothing would do in the mall. 

“Let’s go home, Kabelo, she said with unusual urgency in her voice.

Meanwhile, Kabelo was already on one kneel on the floor. “Khanyisa!”

Khanyisa did nt understand what was happening. She thought something had happened to Kabelo. 

Sensing what was about to happen, onlookers and passers-by had gathered around them. Older women were ululating. Men were shouting and girls whispering.

Suddenly, the gloomy atmosphere changed. A few masks came off. COVID-19 was forgotten for a few seconds. ATMs queue was disrupted as people glanced around to see what was going on.

“Please, marry me, my love,” Kabelo entreated.

A second became eternity. Many wondered if the sad looking would say yes or no.

As she stood there memories of past year came flushing through her mind and tears dropped down her chin. But it was quickly followed by a smile and the radiance filled u her face and wiped out the creases of sadness.

“Yes, yes, I will marry you, Kabelo!!!” Khanyisa cried out with so much joy.

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