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Does Your Partner Do This In Your Presence? Don't Ignore These Signs

Let's talk about relationships, can you tell if your partner has lost the love that he or she had for you in the beginning of your romantic relationship? Your partner definitely doesn't love you enough if he or she does this in your presence. 

There are always signs that show if a person is no longer in love, the problem is that we always ignore the signs until we get hurt or hurt broken. Don't ignore the warning signs, they are there for a reason. Don't let love blind you, know when you are no longer needed in a relationship. 

Does your partner spend hours chatting online while you're sitting right next to him or her? If your partner does this, chances are, he or she has grown tired of you, the spark is gone between the two of you. Spending time on social media means there are people there who make him or her more happier than you do. 

Does your partner spend more than 30 minutes on phone calls talking to people you don't know without considering that you might be bored as he or she spends time on the calls? That's another obvious warning sign. If a person loves you, he/she will want to spend time with you and won't have time to waist on phone calls. 

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