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Husband and wife relationship

‘See 4 Things You Should Not Do To Your Wife For The Sake Of Your Children.

Because of the amount of people involved, one of the most difficult aspects of marriage is parenting. Marriage is primarily about two people: the husband and wife, but it expands beyond that as the couple begins to have children. The arrival of children in any marriage will have a direct or indirect impact on couples' decisions, as most of their decisions will revolve on them as well as their children. 

Without equivocation, every action or omission done by a married couple will have an impact on their children in some way. Unlike adults, who are more likely to learn from their own life experiences, children are more likely to learn from their parents' actions. To put it another way, what children watch their parents do shapes their behavior, attitudes, and value system. All the more reason for parents to be careful about what they do, how they speak, and how they dress, because their children will strive to replicate and imitate them. 

Little kids look up to their parents as role models by default. Because of the value and confidence they place in them, kids unknowingly have the notion that "everything my parents do is right." As a result, if kids witness their parents doing something, they will imitate it because it is the correct thing to do in their eyes. 

For the sake of the children, every married man who is a father must be conscious of what he does to his wife, as stated in the preceding paragraph. When your children are present, do not, among other things, do the following to your wife: 

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1. Don't smack her in the face. 

One of the last things you should do to your wife is beat her while the children are watching. When the kids aren't around, I'm not saying it's a good idea to beat her up. The argument is that doing so in front of children will have a bad impact on them. Because he saw his father do it to his mother, your male child will grow up believing that abusing a woman is OK. For the youngster to unlearn this in the future, he or she will need some exposure. Female youngsters, on the other hand, may believe it is usual for a guy to hit a woman. As a result, they won't mind if they end up with a man who beats them in the future. If you don't want your children to grow up to be domestically violent, don't hit your wife, whether or not the kids are around. 

2. Don't slander her verbally. 

If you don't want your children to grow up to be child abusers, don't let it get to the point where you insult your wife in front of the kids, no matter what the provocation or wrongdoing of your wife is. Keep in mind that anything they see from you in the future is open to duplication. 

3. Don't give her any affection. 

Have some reluctance in making love to your wife in front of your children, regardless of their age. Their brain will be digesting the events even though they are unable to speak at the time. It's something like this that causes inc3st in kids. They'll want to do on themselves what they witnessed you do with their mother one day. As a result, having the correct kind of apartment that allows you and your partner to have some privacy before starting to have children becomes essential. Before procreation occurs in your marriage, you must make proper preparations. 

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4. Do not end your relationship with her. 

Divorce is an all-encompassing threat to a marriage. It is not limited to "telling on the husband and wife"; if they have children, they are also prone to participate. When one of the parents raises a child from a shattered home alone, they face a variety of difficulties. Before you execute a separation, always consider how it will affect your wards. Even if you don't care how it affects your lives as a couple, keep your children's best interests in mind to avoid being penny wise and pound dumb. Nothing but the best is owed to your children. Divorce may prevent you from achieving your "best."

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