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The importance of knowing when you have bad luck.



What is isichitho?

Isichitho is a bad muthi that is used on you to make you miserable and and unwanted by people, or even at your work, by your family members and also by your husband or wife, it is the.most common devels work.

Types of Sichitho


In this instance umuthi is mixed with fease and your name is being called while mixing fierce and herbs you will start smelling toilet in everything, you end up smelling like toilet your self.


Isichitho sesele is when muthi is mixed with the frog to make your face looks like a frog, with frog and pimples that are always ouzing white flour.


Definitely muthu is mixed with Mpukane and people will hate you for no reason, they will hate you like impukane ( fly).


This one is when muthi is mixed with impethu (worms) so that no one will like you like nobody like worms and when they see you they will hate you for no reason.

Isichitho sika tikoloshe( spiritual husband)

This one is kind of deep and very complex but will make summary for now, in this one a tikoloshe, or a zombie sleeps with you so that you can never see your success, this one is very difficult to remove and it's actual new.

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Isichitho Sichitho


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