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Road Accident

Look What This Bus Driver Was Caught Doing To A Passenger’s Wife In Front Seat (VIDEO)

Abomination! wonders shall never end. How would someone do this to someone's wife. We let our wives take a front seat in a taxi or in a bus, now I see it is not a good idea. They will start crushing on each other, and there before you know it, your wife gets what she has bargained for.

It is so embarrassing that this has happened in front of her husband, how could she allow a hand of another man, a bus driver for that matter to reach out to sacred places. Unless if the two of them had a relationship before. They may have been traveling together for quite some time, and the husband do not know about the affair.

There is no normal woman that can just let the driver do this, especially when it is just the first time to meet him

A commercial bus driver has been caught in a viral video doing the unthinkable to a passenger’s wife who was sitting in the front seat of his bus.

This is true from a new video that has just popped up online that is currently making rounds everywhere.

According to the details gathered from the video, a young man and his wife boarded the bus to their destination.

The married woman however sat at the passenger seat in the front and she had her legs between the gearbox.

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