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#December Mjolo Tips is trending on Twitter, take a look

We are on few hours left to hit December. December has marked the end of the year and the coming of winter since the ancient Romans established their first calendar but this now it's nolonger the case more especially in Africa which it's mid summer season.

Beside the above reasons, December month is regarded as the month of celebration accompanied by reunion, weddings and year end functions.

Now people have take it to social media to share tips on Mjolo of December. It is believed that there are so many relationships which are being formed for this period only.

Here are some tips:

"If you are single now, stay single and try to date next year because December Mjolo is not genuine and real."

"You can't start a new relationship in December. I repeat,, YOU CAN'T START A NEW RELATIONSHIP IN DECEMBER"

" stock up and stay indoors or else, it will end in tears."


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